“Winterreise is an idea, it’s the desire to embark on a ‘winter journey’ within ourselves that we all, sooner or later in life, are called to follow. A moment or a lifetime, a journey that has no precise duration but that inexorably leads us to face what we are and what we want to become.

We approached this project truthfully, accepting it even with its imperfections, the same we meet along any other path. […]

This is our Winterreise”

    Giorgio Ferrera | Alessandro Del Signore | Pierluigi Tomassetti..     


A winter journey

A winter journey. Precisely in this way you can translate “Winterreise”, but in its  romantic meaning, looking for new places and emotions, to discover themselves. In this spirit was addressed throughout the process of the project, from the write to the execution, living it almost like an introspective journey, to want to gather in one place the ideas, hopes, joys that a man living in a period  of one’s life.

Ideally this work looks at the “Winterreise” by Franz Schubert and his intimate and emotional sphere, but  it does not predictably absorbs the musical part but the conceptual idea. A stylistic choice desired and meditated that has led to a clear separation from previous works and has led to a new phase of composition trying new sound scenarios. Clean and flowing lines alternate with rhythmic pressing and powerful turning ideas into a vibrant storyline, progressive flowing into ‘settings’ rock; all in a circular 3/4, almost ubiquitous engine, which brings us back to the idea of the movement as a characteristic element of this journey.

Here then is the lyricism of the song “Winterreise” and the enchanted theme of “Paul’s Pix” that opposed the explosion of ‘Condensed Mind’, really enhance the personal sound of the trio and reveal little by little, almost as a kind of musical matryoshka , all its preciousness.


Copertina Fronte


           01  On The Roof (Nightvision)

           02  My Favourite (Personal) Things

           03  Winterreise

           04  Condensed Mind

           05  Crystal Silence

           06  Paul’s Pix

           07  Nothing Is Like Before

           08 Like The Snow

           09 Daisy Bell (Bycicle Built For Two)

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Giorgio Ferrera, piano

Alessandro Del Signore, doublebass

Pierluigi Tomassetti, drums


Produced by Arzbaum Music

All tracks recorded March, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Roberto Lioli, Stefano Del Vecchio, Casa del Jazz, Rome, Italy

All songs composed by Giorgio Ferrera

Design by Improve

Photography by Paolo Ferrera