Tour D’Italie


“A journey in space and time, a succession of landscapes, meetings, exchange of emotions. It’s difficult to choose among the titles of a homogeneous and inspired work. The refined atmosphere and the pastel tones of this music give the real meanings of the sequence research and remembrance in a new – a complete success – “Maiden Voyage” with a mediterranean flavor.”




        Tour d’Italie

           01  Nahar

           02  Gistjzz

           03  A Spasso Con Tesi

           04  A Si Biri

           05  Shine Ca Shine Ma Shine In Tutt

           06  Amur De Bagaj

           07  PaTreVe

           08  Variazione Sulla Donna





Giorgio Ferrera, piano

Mirko Guerrini, tenor sax/alto sax /flutes

Alessandro Del Signore, doublebass

Giulio Marcelli, drums


Produced by JazzOff Collection – RAI Trade

All tracks recorded April, 2010

Recorded by Roberto Lioli at Entropya Recording Studio, Perugia, Italy

Assistant Engineer: Gabriele Ballabio

Mixed by Roberto Lioli, Gubbio, Italy

Songs 1,4,6,7 composed by Giorgio Ferrera

Songs 2,5 composed by Alessandro Del Signore

Songs 3,8 composed by Mirko Guerrini

Design by Alessandro Leone

Photography by Mirko Macari

Executive Producers: Maurizio Ghini –  Elide Di Duca